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over 40 years dog training in Denver Area

Call Terroux Kennels for advice before or after you get your puppy and get off to a good start!  But until the puppy shot series is complete (ask your vet; usually at 16 weeks of age) your puppy should not be exposed to dogs you don't know well or places where other dogs have defecated.  We will give free and thorough phone advice on early training and socialization over the phone until your puppy completes his shots.

We Specialize in Family Pet Behavior and Off Leash Open Space Control

AKC licensed for 15 years as handler of all breeds

The first hearing Dog recognized by the Federal Government was trained at Terroux Kennel (Readers Digest- Febuary1968).

This is a training only facility.  We do not have a regular boarding business.  This allows us to provide a physically comfortable, secure environment with real attention to each dog's behavior and needs.  They will not be agitated by groups of strangers taking a "kennel tour" (although you may make an appointment to meet us and see the facility, only employees are allowed into the dog's quarters).  We train seven days a week, and a trainer will let the dogs out at bedtime to maintain housetraining.  Dogs always have ample fresh water and are fed twice a day (more frequently for puppies and giant breeds).  Sally Terroux's home is adjacent to the kennel and there is almost always some one on the property.

Although we specialize in pet behavior, we train through all levels of competition Including rally, beginning agility and for the AKC Good Citizenship Certificate, which we also administer.

No Instructor with less than 10 years Experience
Over 40 Years of Dog Training in the Denver Area 

Dogs have their own individual indoor& outdoor dog runs with toys and bedding from home.  The inside is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.  We have a large indoor training room for foul weather, and two generators in case of power outages.  The grounds include five large and two smaller fenced training and exercise areas, two large fenced pastures, and a natural spring-fed half-acre pond, a total of 10 fenced acres.

 Call Us:  For a no charge evaluation to help you understand you dog’s behavior.  We need to have a personal telephone conversation with you to help us understand your Situation and your goals.  Call us at: 303-424-7703 between 8 am and 12:00 noon weekdays or leave a message with our 24 hour answering services stating went and where you can be reached.  We can call you at other times if needed.