All puppies and dogs are taught with thorough, step by step methods.

Dogs work for praise, affection and play.  No hitting, hanging, violence or pinch collars.  (References to dogs mean dogs or puppies).

Fastest Results

3 or 4 week programs.

Combine with group or private instruction.

Call Terroux Kennels for advice before or after you get your puppy and get off to a good start!  But until the puppy shot series is complete (ask your vet; usually at 16 weeks of age) your puppy should not be exposed to dogs you don't know well or places where other dogs have defecated.  We will give free and thorough phone advice on early training and socialization over the phone until your puppy completes his shots.

Family pet behavior specialists


The right plan for you

Boarding and Training

Puppies under 16 weeks of age

AKC licensed for 15 years as handler of all breeds

over 35 years dog training in Denver Area

How much time do you waste because your dog is not trained?

How much time do you waste trying to teach him?

Trained dogs are happy, well adjusted and more enjoyable to live with!

Enjoy a Terroux Trained Dog!

All breeds - mixed breeds - all ages - all problems

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