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Primary Instructors Sally Terroux, Ginger Spurvey & Carole McMurry each have 25 to 30 years or more all breed experience.

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We can perform surgery on nearly every animal species. If we can't treat your animal, we'll recommend a specialist that can help.

Basic Obedience


Transporting an 8-foot-long snake or a 600-pound pig can be tricky. Hire one of our exotic pet specialists to safely move your pet for you.

Basic Obedience.  First night is a Lecture, please leave your dog at home that night.  You dog attends from week 2 thru week 9

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Call Sally for advice before or after you get your puppy and get off to a good start!    

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Sally Terroux (Sally Terroux Dog Training), a leader in the Dog Training Community for over 40 years.  AKC (American Kennel Club) licensed for 15 years as a Handler of all Breeds. 

Friendly, calming & thorough training.  Learn to understand and control your dog.  Environmental & behavioral conditioning.

The first hearing dog recognized by the Federal Government was trained by Sally Terroux (Reader's Digest-February 1968).


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