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Beginners Obedience &

Pet Behavior

9 week course


Show Training (Conformation)

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Drop-in Class instruction & practice


Advance Obedience

9 week punch-card, CGC,

Off-lead distance control, therapy, etc

Off Leash, Rally, AKC Good Citizenship, Signals, Therapy and Service Dog


Sally Terroux Dog Training

Sally Terroux Dog Training Puppies & Dogs - All Ages...all & Mixed Breeds

Beginners Obedience &

Pet Behavior

Primary Instructors

Includes loose leash walking, as well as Heeling; lengthy Down Stays with distractions to teach self control; Stand Stays for grooming and vet exam; Sit Stay; Random Come and .....control of jumping up, play biting & barking; boundary line training; behavior in the car, with children & with company at the door; respecting property; bit prevention; out of sight behavior & play retrieving!

Open to all puppies and dogs with completed vaccinations and a 14 day isolation from dogs outside the family.

Sally Terroux, Ginger Spurvey & Carole McMurry each have 20 - 30 years or more all breed experience.

  • Our Class Training covers all aspects of pet behavior as well as very thorough obedience training.
  • Training with distractions of other people and dogs at class develops reliability.
  • Come to class one evening a week and train your dog daily at home. Training your own dog takes time, consistency and persistence. Terroux methods are kind and efficient with excellent results, utilizing buckle collars, slip collars or head halters.
  • Class building is comfortable with heating and air condition.
  • Beginners classes concentrate heavily on the establishment of good family dog behavior patterns, application of training to problem behavior and a sound foundation for specialized activities, as well as thorough obedience training.
  • Group classes are the least expensive method of supervised training and usually give better results than private instruction because your dog is trained with the distractions of other dogs and people.
  • Instructors will not discipline your dog! We are here to teach you and help you succeed with positive methods combined with constructive mild corrections.
  • Dogs are worked side by side so that owners can work at the best speed for their dog and themselves and can stop when ever they wish.  Not all dogs or owners can work at the same pace or for the same amount of time.
  • Training is adapted to each owners needs and each dogs reactions.  

Call us at the number below for a free evaluation. 8am - 12 noon is the best time to reach us directly, or leave a message with our 24 hour answering service about when and where you can be reached. We will help you over the phone as much as we can at no charge. Call for advice as soon as you plan for your new puppy or rescue dog so we can help you get off to a great start.

Sally Terroux Dog Training

Competition Training for Novice, Rally, Open and Utility on Tuesday nights